Bathtub Faucet Repair

Why Bathtub faucet is important ?

The bathtub faucet is one of the most important bathtub plumbing fixtures you have in your bathroom. Without it, you and your entire family depend on the bathtub faucet to receive clean, especially if your bathtub double as a shower too. Misfunctionsing or leaking faucets must be attended to right away to prevent further water damage and water related injuries. There are many bathtub faucet repair services you can use to save yourself from a lot of hassle. Below are some of these bathtub faucet repair services that you can use.

One of the bathtub faucet repair services that you can hire is the replacement of rubber seals. This is a common part that will start to show signs of its wear and tear. As the time passes, its rubber seals will eventually start to deteriorate. You may not even notice this but a worn out rubber seal will contribute to an already dirty-looking bathtub faucet.

What should you do if you want to repair it D-I-Y?

faucet repair link If you want to do bathtub faucet repair on your own, you can take note of the following handy tips. First, make sure you get enough materials for your DIY job. You can always go to a hardware store and ask for plastic sheets and other necessary materials. This will help you avoid the hassle of looking for the exact replacement parts.

You may also opt to buy your bathtub faucet repair kit. Most of these kits come with everything that you need. However, if you’re really determined to do the job on your own, you should have the tools and equipment that are commonly needed in plumbing work. These include long screw drivers, a pair of pliers, small sockets and pliers, a tape measure, and a level. A couple of smaller plumbing tools are also useful such as the flexible end of a pair of pliers and a non-corrosive toothbrush with sharp blade.For bathtub faucet repair, the first thing that you have to do is to remove the old handle on your bathtub faucet. After that, you have to locate the valve itself and turn it clockwise. Make sure that it is completely stopped up before you turn it clockwise again.

What are the step D-I-Y repair at home ?

Now when you’ve turned the valve counterclockwise, you must proceed to search for replacement parts available. You can use both your hands and the pliers to grasp the valve firmly, while you slowly turn it clockwise until all the pieces are undamaged. If you feel some resistance while moving the pieces around, then you must be careful because it might be a broken valve or a bent spout. On the other hand, if everything goes smoothly, then it’s time for bathtub faucet repair.

When it comes to bathtub faucet repair, there are two types of fixings that you can make: threaded and bolt-on. For threaded fixings, you will need a pair of tape measure pliers, a pair of precision hole saws, and a drill bit. The first thing that you have to do is to find out where the threads are located. To do that, you have to turn over your bathroom faucets and look for the threads; you can use a socket or a screwdriver to do that.

The next thing that you have to do is to find out how to remove the old stem. The easiest way to do that is to use your hands. You need to grip the handle tightly and turn it in a clockwise motion. Once the old stem is removed, you have to locate the gasket, which is present on the inside of the pipes. The plumber’s tool kit should have a few pieces of plastic-tipped washers and a plastic socket with the screw attached to it. You will need to lubricate both the washers and the socket, which will allow the threads of the screw to penetrate the inside of the pipe and disengage the gasket.