Drain Cleaning

What is a drain cleaning ?

A drain cleaning equipment is an abrasive chemical substance that effectively unclogs blocked sewer pipes or otherwise clogged drainage pipes. The word drain cleaning is also used for the same purpose, to remove grease and other solid matter from a pipe. A drain cleaning company can perform a variety of routine maintenance tasks to keep drain channels clear. These include:

Clogging occurs when trapped solid matter becomes trapped in a drain channel. As water or liquid flows through the pipes, some of the matter breaks off and builds up along the inside of the pipes. Eventually, the build-up can become so severe that it clogs the pipe. Clogs can occur for a variety of reasons, from the natural buildup of debris along pipe walls to materials like paint and oil that get stuck in pipes. It may be necessary for a drain cleaning company to remove and clean out these build-ups. For simple clogs, a simple drain cleaning machine designed for toilet tank cleaning may work effectively.

In some cases, clogs are more stubborn than just a build-up of debris on the pipes themselves. Clogs in sinks and drains may require more drastic measures than a toilet tank cleaning equipment can provide. In these cases, a drain cleaning service can use its high pressure jetting equipment to blast clear debris from drains and sinks. This process is not only effective but also produces minimal damage to pipes and other drainage components.

What is professional drain cleaning can do ?

Drain cleaning truckProfessional plumbers perform regular maintenance and repairs on sewer lines and drains, and can spot problems before they become too costly to fix. Some of the most common repairs include line replacement, blockage repair and root canal therapy. Line replacement involves replacing an deteriorated or destroyed line with a new one, while blockage repair involves removing obstructions that prevent waste water from flowing smoothly through sinks and drains. Root canal therapy is often recommended when drain cleaning and other preventative maintenance techniques have failed and roots have sprouted into Drain Field System (FDS) – an abnormal build of roots in pipes feeding storm water drain systems.

Professional plumbers are not the only option when it comes to drain cleaning . There are many companies that offer drain cleaning services your area. However, many of these companies can be expensive and can only be used in certain situations. Many homeowners do not have the funds to pay for an annual drain cleaning service, and many of these plumbers cannot guarantee their work. For this reason, it is important to choose reputable plumbers who are familiar with the drainage system in the District.

Do clogged drain is need to remove immediately?

A clogged drain is a drain issue that most homeowners face at one time or another. However, not all clogs are the same. A clogged drain can mean that there is backed up sewage in the pipes – a condition known as back up – and requires the immediate service of a professional plumbing company. In this situation, the drain cleaning professionals will use a rooter to clear away any excess sewage and help prevent further blockage. Using a rooter to clear clogs is a safe and effective drain cleaning method that homeowners can take on themselves.

If these standard drain cleaning methods do not resolve the problem, a professional plumber can recommend drain cleaning equipment that can better reach the source of a clog. For example, high-pressure water jetting can clear blocked pipes in a matter of minutes. This drain cleaning process destroys roots and algae that have formed in pipes, as well as other debris such as food, human feces and hair. Unlike traditional drain cleaning processes, hydro jetting does not damage walls, floors or other fixtures in the home.