Drain jetting

What is used to unblock drains?

As one of the premier ways to unclog drains and sewer pipes, drain jetting is an extremely quick process that will usually take only hours or even minutes to complete. Also referred to as high pressure hydro jetting, drain jetting uses a powerful, high-speed water jet to clear clogs in pipes and drains using a strong jet of water. This powerful water jet is most often conducted by professional drain cleaning services using equipment that has been calibrated and tested for efficiency. These hydro jet tools work best when the flow rate is relatively slow, which makes them ideal for larger or thicker pipes. Jetting is often recommended to help homeowners deal with drain blockages, particularly if doing so will affect the home’s structural integrity or its value.

One of the best reasons to consider drain jetting for your sewer system is if you have experienced numerous drain blockages or “backups” in the past. If this is true, a plumber may recommend drain jetting as an excellent way to unclog your drains. For example, if you regularly have to replace drain tiles, use of a high-pressure jetting tool can help get those tiles down for good. Drainage problems are never fun, and having a plumber help out can make drain blockages less likely in your household. Drain jetting offers a number of other benefits, including the following:

What can cause a drain to clog ?

Drain jettingA drains can become clogged more easily than they do under normal circumstances. During periods of congestion, it can take even the soundiest drains many hours to become clogged with waste particles. Even the cleanest of household systems can become clogged from accumulated debris, dust, hair, pet hair, etc. Regular drain jetting can help dislodge all of these items from your drains, which makes them much easier to remove. This in turn prevents a whole host of blockages, some of which can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to remove.

  • – grease and oils can build up in sewer lines over time, and the buildup can be extremely stubborn. Even though grease and oil flow down the drain normally, some of it will remain in pipes in the upper part of the sewage system. The presence of grease and oil can actually damage the inner workings of your sewage system. By removing this grease and oil buildup, and by jetting your drains, a plumber can help ensure that your sewer lines stay working properly and efficiently for years to come.
  • Clogged drains are almost always caused by blocked pipes. While it’s true that blocked drains can sometimes be cleared using chemical means, most people prefer to avoid using harsh chemicals in an effort to clear up blocked drains. In addition, the use of chemicals can oftentimes do more harm than good to your drains. Drainage problems like backed up sewer lines or grease and oil accumulation can actually be more difficult to remove when blocked drains are present. Blocked drains can even become a breeding ground for various insects and creatures, making drain jetting a very good solution to an unsightly drain issue.
  • – The use of drain jetting isn’t only necessary if you’re dealing with blocked drains. High pressure water can also be channeled through out pipes to help get rid of debris and grease buildup in the plumbing system. While high pressure water is able to cut through many types of blockages, it can sometimes be unable to do so without damaging or blasting away some of the material it’s forced to go through. This can lead to drains that are completely clogged, making it necessary to have a plumber clear out the pipes. While most drains can be successfully cleaned with high pressure water, some will be more complicated and require a professional plumber to take care of the problem. If your drain jetting tool is not strong enough to get all of the water out of the pipes, an auger might be needed to break through the obstruction.
  • – In some cases, you may also need drain jetting services in order to remove tree roots and other foreign materials that can be stuck in your toilet’s drain pipes. These items can make it extremely difficult to flush the waste out of your system, and can cause excess amounts of time to waste as they sit in the pipes. This is a common problem within the home, and most homeowners can take care of the problem by removing the item and replacing it with a new one. Some types of tree roots can be quite resilient, and you may need to keep replacing the item until the roots are removed from the drain pipes. Drain jetting professionals will have high pressure equipment that can blast away large pieces of tree root and debris without damaging or blowing out any of the clog agents in the pipes. However, this method is often used only in the most severe drain blockages.
  • – Most drain jetting solutions work very well for smaller obstructions that are simply blocked with dirt and debris. Clogs on the sewer pipes and storm drains can usually be removed in a matter of hours using the right tools, but more severe blockages may require professional jetting services. Tree roots and other foreign materials can be a little more difficult to remove, so you may require a drain jetting company to go in and do the job for you. Drain jetting can even be used to remove tree roots from sewer pipes and drains if you know where to look for clogs. Drain jetting companies know exactly which drains need to be serviced first in order to get rid of whatever’s blocking up your system.