Galvanized steel pipes zinc coating

What is galvanized steel pipe used for?

Galvanized steel pipes were widely used in the pipes industry. But while using these pipes, they were never protected from corrosion and rust. In fact, they became more susceptible to rust. As a result, they became less efficient in their function and capability. Many manufacturers tried to prevent galvanized steel pipes corrosion but failed to do so. As a result of galvanized steel pipes contamination, their performance deteriorated as a result of rust accumulation in pipes.

In this context, galvanized steel pipes zinc coating was introduced to provide protection to these pipes against galvanic corrosion. It is a substance that was developed by Beryllium Copper Association (BCA) to serve this purpose. As a result, galvanized steel pipes zinc coating has been introduced to the industry. This has provided protection not only against galvanic corrosion but also from rust accumulation.

What exactly is galvanized steel pipes zinc coating?

metal coated with coating zincIt is a protective coating for galvanized steel pipesĀ  that helps it to resist corrosion, rusting and corrosion damage. As a result of zinc coating, pipes become protected from rust, making them more efficient. They are highly durable that ensures safe use for long years.

How is galvanized steel pipe zinc coating applied? The coating is generally applied to galvanized steel pipes so water not be contaminated , but it can also be applied to galvanized steel joints, water pipes and other metallic accessories. Depending on the application, the coating gets applied in thin or thick liquid form.

What is the main purpose of adding zinc on galvanized pipes?

Zinc is a crucial element that is needed to prevent galvanized steel pipes from corrosion. It prevents the metal from corroding and at the same time makes sure that it is resistant to corrosion. However, galvanized steel pipes are often exposed to external influences that weaken the metal. These include exposure to chloride or acid rain, rust, corrosion and so on.

So, galvanized steel pipes are galvanized or treated with zinc to prevent galvanic corrosion. However, over time, pipes can experience some corrosion issues as a result of weathering. Such issues can further lead to pipe blockages. In such cases, it becomes necessary to apply external layer of zinc coating to the steel pipes.

Can water pipe be galvanized?

Apart from galvanized pipes, galvanized steel joints and water pipes can also be galvanized. There are certain joint conditions that make the pipes vulnerable to galvanic corrosion. For instance, if there is rust at the point where two pipes meet, galvanized joints become susceptible to rust. This is because water in the pipes can conduct heat, which in turn makes rust formation easier.

So, galvanized pipes are suitable to serve hot water needs. On the other hand, water used for domestic purposes need not necessarily be galvanized. The use of non galvanized steel pipes is highly recommended in such cases. Some of the common plumbing materials that are non galvanized are iron piping, cast iron pipes, copper pipes, galvanized pipes and polyvinyl chloride pipes etc. It is believed that over a period of time, plumbing pipes can start corrosion. This is when galvanized steel pipes become useful as they help in preventing corrosion of pipes.

Why is galvanized steal coated with zinc?

Zinc coating can be applied on the galvanized steel pipes after manufacturing them. This helps in making the pipes rust-proof. After manufacturing the pipes, it is important to coat them with zinc before using them. The galvanized steel pipes are protected by a layer of zinc, which makes the pipe rust-proof. This is one of the best solutions to corrosion problems.

Zinc coating also ensures longevity to the galvanized pipes, as they remain unaffected from rusting and corrosion. Zinc is the most effective corrosion resistant material, which can resist any external attack including rusting. It is very important to apply zinc layer after manufacturing the pipe so that the final coat gives the pipe protection against external attacks and rusting. Many companies offer galvanized steel pipes that come with a layer of zinc. Therefore, while purchasing galvanized pipes, one must make sure that the pipes are coated with zinc before making the payment.

How long do zinc coating last?

Zinc coating provides durability to the galvanized steel pipes, which can last for many years. These pipes are highly durable, as they have the capacity to bear rough and harsh treatment without getting damaged. This is the main reason why these pipes are used in places, which are subjected to a lot of pressure and water, such as found in mines and chemical plants. Since pipes made of galvanized steel have this characteristic, they can be used almost everywhere.

These pipes are available in different sizes, so they can be used for installing any size of pipe. Zinc coating increases the resistance of galvanized pipes, which can last for several years. When these pipes come into contact with water, they do not react with the water, but remain rust-free and free from corrosion. This is one of the reasons why pipes coated with zinc are used in large industries and other such businesses.