Hot water heater repair

What is the average life of a hot water heater ?

Hot water heater repairs are almost as common as the hot weather they come with. When it comes to heating your home in the winter months, most people do not realize that water heaters need to be serviced on a regular basis. While hot water heaters typically have a lifetime of at least ten years, it doesn t always mean that you will need to make the required maintenance checks to make sure it’s running at optimum efficiency. Unfortunately, too many homeowners neglect to care for their hot water heater plumbing before it is time to contact a professional for hot water heater repair.

Even if your hot water heater only seems to be operating a little bit if its temperature, don t ignore it. If you have hot water heaters with a thermostat, this may indicate that the gas burners are not producing enough heat for your home. If you have an older gas heater that is experiencing problems, the first thing you should check is the thermostat. Sometimes a worn-out thermostat can be replaced, but other times you may need to go with a different hot water heater repair solution. Gas burners are not the only problem you might encounter with a gas heater; the pilot light can also quit on you when it gets too hot.

Why my heat is working but not my hot water ?

Hot water heater repairWhile heaters can be tricky equipment, hot water heater repair isn’t one of them. Before you get started, make sure that the hot water heater tanks and the connections to them are all in good working order. While these parts seem fairly simple, they can be damaged by mineral deposits and rust if they are not properly maintained. If you notice any degradation in the performance of your hot water heater, you should probably consider replacing it before it begins to operate poorly.

The first step of hot water heater repair is to turn the power off to the hot water heater . Many people are surprised to learn that this is not always a simple task. When you take off the power source from the electric meter, the system will shut down automatically. This will normally shut off the electrical supply as well, but you need to be aware that the meter and the electric supply have different requirements. If you do not have sufficient hot water supply to operate the system, the electric supply will still be on.

What happen to hot water tank when water is shutoff?

Once the power has been turned off, locate the tank that contains the hot water supply. This tank may need to be emptied to allow the technician to access it safely. Once you have emptied it, you will need to locate the hot water heater repair components. You should be able to see a water pump and a thermostat. If you can, take note of any screws or other hardware that you see on these items. These pieces will help the technician determine what type of hot water heater repair they are going to perform.

If you are not able to locate the hot water heater repair component on the hot water heater itself, you may still be able to repair the problem yourself. A hot water heater repair kit is available from most local plumbing supply stores. Most plumbing supplies stores will carry plumbers putty, plumbing brushes, and other tools that will be needed to fix your problem.

Do you call a plumber to fix a hot water heater?

Some plumbing supply stores will give you a call and come to your home and perform the hot water heater repairs. In most cases, a plumber can perform hot water heater repairs within twenty-four hours of the discovery of the problem. If you are not able to find a plumber to come to your home, the best option is to call a plumbing company. Almost all plumbing companies offer a twenty-four hour emergency service in the city and a nationwide service. In addition, many plumbing companies offer hot water heater repairs for free, as long as you buy an appliance repair kit from them.

If the hot water heater repair has proven to be more complex than a simple hot water heater repair, you may need to call in a professional hot water heater installer Certified technicians are trained and equipped with the tools and resources necessary to repair any type of appliance. Most hot water technician tools of the trade are designed for use on tanks less than one gallon. Since tanks hold gallons of water, a hot water heater repair technician must have the proper tools.