Shower Repair

How much it cost for a shower repair ?

There are many reasons why you may need shower repair. You may need to replace your shower head, or get new shower heads, or need a shower repair due to leaky pipes. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to those reasons alone. It’s always important to check your shower drains for any problems first. Leaking shower drain cleaning should be your first priority.

Even the costliest shower faucet repair can be affordable. The national average for shower faucet repairs is between $500 and $1000, with many homeowners paying far more than that for minor problems. These are just a few examples of how much money you can save if you fix a leaking shower now instead of waiting until the problem gets worse. Here are some other common shower faucet repair problems that can be easily fixed by your handy home repairman.

 What are the different types of shower repairs?

  • different types shower repairCracked Shower Drain Cleaning – One of the most annoying shower drains we come across is a thick, briny, whitish mess that collects up at the shower drain opening and doesn’t go away. The first thing you need to do is determine what is causing the clog. Is it soap scum from last night’s shower? Is it mineral deposits gathering along the shower drain walls? Is it something we forget to clean last week and the next day the buildup is too big to remove? Our answer to all three is a good old fashioned clogged shower drain cleaning.
  • Shower Door Repair – Most of us experience our fair share of shower door repair woes. Water damage, spring leakage, broken shower curtains and more can cause your shower door to become damaged. A little bit of lubrication will typically take care of the problem and shower doors should be working again in no time. This is a popular time for home owners to hire a shower door repair professional. In fact, we’re so glad we don’t have to send our shower doors into the repair shop that we’re sometimes tempted to try to do it on our own.
  • Replacing Glass – If your shower glass has become cracked or is slightly cracked we recommend that you replace it immediately. Don’t wait to repair it. The longer you wait to repair the damage the higher the possibility that you’ll need to replace the entire shower panel. Also, if you’re not comfortable installing or repairing the glass we strongly suggest that you avoid repairing it at all cost. Glass is one of the most fragile materials out there and requires extra caution when handling it.
  • Shower Valve Repair – If you experience a problem with the shower valves then it’s likely that you will also need to repair shower heads or valves. While a shower head or valve may not require immediate attention it’s a good idea to keep these issues in mind. It’s best to call a professional whenever you have any type of repairs done to your shower equipment.
  • Cleaning – It is very important to keep your shower area as clean as possible. This will help prevent various ailments from occurring and will make the shower area looking new and clean. There are various tools available to help you clean your shower areas. These tools include rotating brushes, soap scourers and power washers. Most homeowners find that simply talking to someone in the repair shop about their shower problems is the best way to get them started. Many homeowners realize that the biggest shower problems occur when they take their shower off of the machine rather than simply cleaning it.