Water Heater Repair Services

If you are without hot water, generally evenings and weekends (see figure), you should find the information you need here.

There are a few ideas below for starting if you don’t have hot water.

Electric devices

Check your power breaker.
It could have stumbled.

How can you say that?
The on/off handle is usually placed between the on/off position.

Push it off and return to it.

The breaker sometimes goes and the handle seems to be in position.

Just give her a little shake, if she moves anything, she’s stumbled.
Shut it off and reset it again.

If the breaker did not trick, the next step is to examine the reset button.

Units of gas

The pilot light would be the first item to check.

Remove the access panel below the gas valve on older systems.

If you are out, follow your tank’s lighting instructions or visit our pilot light page for assistance.

You can peek through the glass under the valve on newer versions.